Orthogen PRP kit

Orthogren PRP Kit

Orthogen PRP machine is a medical kit designed for fast & efficient PRP separation. With this, we’ll get perfect concentration of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) every time we use it. Concentration of platelets determine the amount of growth factors per sample of blood, which in turn affects the speed of Healing. So for consistently efficient PRP treatments with faster results, you can count on this one-step platelet separation kit.


This machine uses biocompatibility certified materials and the parts undergo gamma-ray sterilization according to ISO 13485 standards.

Speed & Convenience

The Buffy coat layer can be easily and accurately identified by naked eye so you’ll have precise sample of highly concentrated PRP.

One Step Simplicity

With the one-kit system and double safety cap, this machine ensure zero contamination from surrounding air during the separation process.

High Concentration

PRP machine ensures you’ll have a high concentration of Platelets in your blood plasma sample after the first centrifuge itself.


PRP or platelet-rich plasma is a substance which helps in healing when injected. Plasma is that component of the blood which helps to form the clot when there is a cut. Plasma also consists of proteins which help in the growth of cells. PRP has been produced by the researchers by separating plasma from blood and then concentrating it.

The concept behind PRP is that, injecting PRP into the tissues which are damaged and helping the body to grow new healthy cells and also to promote the healing of the damaged cells.

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