Repetitive Stress Injury

What Is Repetitive Stress Injury?

The repetitive activities you perform throughout the day can result in repetitive stress injuries. Your body is put under stress by these actions, which over time may harm your tendons, ligaments, muscles, and nerves.

Repetitive stress injuries can happen at work, whether you're moving large boxes or working on a computer. Additionally, they could happen while doing repetitive motions like swinging a tennis racquet or pitching a baseball.

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Symptoms Of Repetitive Stress Injuries:

The following are signs of a repetitive strain injury:

  • 1. Pain
  • 2. Inflammation
  • 3. Tingling
  • 4. Loss of sensation
  • 5. Stiffness
  • 6. Weakness
  • 7. sensitive to heat or cold

Repetitive strain damage causes (RSI)

Repeated usage of a body part, such as your shoulder, elbow, forearm, wrist, or hand, can result in repetitive strain injury (RSI).

You might have RSI, for instance, if:

1. You engage in repetitive tasks like typing, decorating etc..

2. You participate in activities like tennis or golf that demand a lot of repetition.

3. Your posture while standing or sitting at work is terrible

4. You frequently employ hand-held power tools.

Work that is repetitive or demanding does not always result in RSI. But in some cases it does. Ageing is one factor among several that contribute to pain in a body part like the arm.

How Can Repetitive Stress Injuries Be Prevented?

When the underlying cause of a repetitive stress injury is connected to a certain activity or line of work, it is challenging to prevent developing stress injuries. The most effective and crucial method of injury prevention is to stop or reduce the intensity of that particular activity.

Follow these tips to prevent stress injuries

Standing up:

Experts advise constantly standing up and stretching after a long shift. It can lessen the likelihood of getting hurt. One should extend their arms, backs, and fingers after a prolonged period of employment.

Taking breaks:

Taking breaks from routine work is always beneficial. It aids in easing the tension that constant work puts on the muscles and joints.

Improving general health

Eating healthy foods is the best method to stop injuries from happening. The most advantageous form of prevention is maintaining good health. Exercise on a regular basis can maintain the body's resilience. Smoking should also be avoided since it decreases blood supply to the muscles.

Treatment For Injuries From Repetitive Stress:

Repetitive stress injuries can be treated in a variety of ways. Taking medications, particularly painkillers, is the most widespread kind of treatment. Applying cold packs and heat packs might also be beneficial. Along with surgery as a therapy option, there are numerous steroid injections readily available. But today, PRP, or platelet rich plasma therapy, is frequently used instead of surgery since it can heal the afflicted area considerably more quickly. Along with other negative effects, PRP Recovery takes significantly less time than surgery. Dr. Vineeth MB, an orthopaedic surgeon in Ernakulam, offers PRP therapy to people in Kochi who have repetitive stress injuries.. Contact us today.

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